Apple starting its own Search Engines


Google is paying Apple around 10$ to 12$ billion a year for being its Main search provider of all its devices. The agreement between the two tech tycoon is ending soon as a new canonical case against Google by the US Department of justice could avoid its extensions.
It may lead Apple to separate its paths from google and start its Search Engine.
It isn’t the first time Apple made moves to upheaval path with Google as back in 2014, Apple Web crawler Apple-bot started working and becomes an alternative to google.
Apple also Enlist Google’s Search and Artificial Intelligence (AI) chief John Giannandrea in 2017 & started working as Senior VP of Machine Learning and AI Strategy at Apple. Fast forward to 2020, the Apple iOS 14’s home screen search directly landed the user to the website bypassing Google.
It is yet to decide in which form the Apple Search engine will appear.
There are no details regarding the creation of search engines whether
it will be a full-stack website like or just a quick search option for iOS and mac OS devices.
Although, it is clear that Google’s deal with Apple starts facing managing pressures, which may end up with Apple disclosing an alternative,
whatever it turns out to be.

Apple's Search Engine



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