NEW Super App Introduced by Careem


Careem started their new release project of a global super app Campaign, mentioning the augmenting variety of solutions & services.

Super App covers the three main areas regarding the Portability of People, Portability of Things, and Portability of Money.

The Tactics tells Careem flux from its origin of the Transporter app to the States everyday super usage App and will be launching across Five Markets, Pakistan, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, and KSA.

The motto “It’s not an app” highlights a lot about the corporate’s diverse services offer on the Careem platform.

The campaign is realistic, powered by the real everyday moments of people’s lives. The creator focuses on six main points on behalf of them Careem can reach the best service provider. Ride, Food, Delivery, Payment, and Rewards, always set in an urban environment.

The Campaign Runner gathering the viewer into a relevant Situation, all resolved from a single “Tap” on the Careem Super App. The campaign is Revolutionary, rapid, and entertaining. Constructing a posh history of creativity, Careem decided to take a distinct and eccentric approach to conceive an initiative among the colleges.

The company gibed the Super App campaign on its social channels and alleged The Careem “Flash“ on to six locations in twin cities across Pakistan to create a hype and gain the attention of the crowd towards the campaign. These recent adverts follow on the track of previous Careem Strategies, including a human slingshot that was recently re-shared on social media by Elon Musk.

The Pursuit fully emerges and official during the Pandemics, leading to unique challenges like virtual schedule meetings, more time vicious shoots to allow for following Covid-19 health and safety guidelines as well as the more entangled casting process.

Later on the year, Careem is pondering on launching the Super App platform to third-party Indwellers, based on

synergies, and allowing the business to get benefits of Careem’s refined technical set-up.

Careem Super App



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