OnePlus Wearable confirmed, sooner in the market:


OnePlus smartwatch is a recent gossip in the tech market for a long time now. We are Often, hearing plenty of words regarding the OnePlus wearable, and recently, it is certified by the IMDA as well. Watch expected to launch yesterday along with the OnePlus 8T, but that did not happen.

However, corporate has now formally declared that the OnePlus watch is real. The latest news comes from a social media platform where they show a sketch of the watch shared in 2015. It shows the tycoons are already working on the project since 2015.

A previous report explained that the company is launching his watch in 2016 and also had a finished product but cannot make it to Launch in the market as plenty of brands are jumping the vogue.

As per usual, the trailer does not reveal anything new on the OnePlus Watch. All it says, “More things are coming their way to OnePlus, Ecosystem. It’s just a concern of time”. But the retweeted sketch is promoting that the hints are sum up for the smartwatch.

There is currently no time define when the OnePlus Smart Watch was launching. It seems that not even launching this year, but could unleash along with the OnePlus9 series early in the Q2, 2021.

OnePlus Watch



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