Renewable Energy


Atlas Honda, which is Pakistan’s highest bike manufacturer, has been going ahead by the Comptroller to install a solar energy panel for complete Sheikhupura manufacturings presumably, the setup shall be able to generate 2.5 megawatts of power to fulfill the need of the said manufacturers.

Tiding also tells that Atlas Honda is now in Responsible Hands, with some of the biggest manufacturing tycoon’s also preferred solar energy to reduce their energy cost and efficiency in production and other operations.

Various big names such as P&G, Service Industries Limited, Kohinoor Textile Mills, Fauji Cement Company, and DP world have already gone with their solar energy panels to calculate their Cost and ensure the efficiency of the production and the operations.

Refillable energy is booming on quickly in the Industry, so the entity goes straight in the market because there’s a large number of A jillion production plants such as sugar mills figuring for refillable energy as well.

Reportedly, a rosy few sugar millers have now set up biofuel plants. The proficient noted this innovation as a good gesture for the surplus. The refillable energy not only minimizes the cost for the producers but share some of the burdens of the state power production units and allows in giving an ecofriendly idea among other Large-scale manufacturers.

Atlas Honda Solar System



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