TikTok Was Banned based on in-appropriate & Fake Content: Former ADG FIA


Former Additional Director General (ADG) Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), Ammar Jaffri, has responded that fake content had started Appearing on Repeatedly on TikTok, the short video sharing platform. Which Force the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block the application in the Country. While speaking with a media source, the Former (ADG) confirmed the PTA’s decision to ban TikTok in, Pakistan he adds a similar deficiency regarding the fake content on the application raising in the United States as well. He said TikTok management concede if Pakistan and other countries stick together against them and increase the constrict for the removal of Fake & Inappropriate content from the application. In the Past Weeks Pakistan, ban the app due to a large number of complaints from different subs. Each complaint contains the same subjects which are morally and socially worst for our society and the coming generations. The vulgar, nude, immoral content on the video-sharing platform is strong his footing for making him your Priority.

Before the ban, PTA issued to warning to TikTok, subjecting it to make your content monitored and temperance your team to proactively remove inappropriate content, for a surplus in Pakistan.In its final warning, the telecom Official had warned TikTok of taking compulsory actions under Pakistan’s Law in case of a lack to remove unacceptable content from viewership in the Country.

Recently the Federal Minister for (MoITT), Aminul Haq, indicated to the regeneration of TikTok in Pakistan, as per PTA, lift the bans from the application once it starts accepting the Government policy Guidelines.

On the other Track, TikTok agents said we are coming back soon in Pakistan. The Offical Handler’s of TikTok in Pakistan says that we are working on the app to set conditions for different countries they are restricting, or adding, some filters for the Countries. Although the persuasive support for the ban on TikTok, PTA imploring to maintain the ban on the video-sharing platform.

TikTok Banned



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