Upcoming Netflix feature giving the Background Streaming option


A couple of media apps, containing YouTube (premium version), MX player, Spotify allows their user some extra options of playing background music. Right at this time, Netflix also engaged in launching the same feature in the updated version of Netflix.

Recently, XDA developer’s biomimicry the APK update of 7.9.1 of the Netflix app, which disclosed that a new mode added in the update for background play option named audio mode.

Now users easily switch from one app to another one without closing the page user is seeing it automatically plays in the background, just like Listening to music.

Furthermore, this update also allows the user to hide the video and start audio streaming. It will also decrease the amount of data usage.

There is no solicited or official bulletin of when the update is launching. Besides the fact of update availability in APK versions does not matter that it ultimately released. Although, if Netflix settles to release the update, it will probably first start the trials in different regions.

Netflix New update



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