Zoom Finally access the End to End Encryption.


Equivalently as promised, Zoom is, at last, coming out with the End to End encryption (E2EE) for all users to make audio and video calls much secure. This feature is available on Desktop and Android versions and yet to be approved by Apple for the iOS version as well.

E2EE operates manually by switching on the option from app settings & every user has to specifically turn it on for accessing the secure and encrypted call. For assurance of the working, a small green color shield icon indication turned on at the left corner of the screen showing that E2EE is functioning.

Zoom’s End2End Encryption is still in the observational examination Stage & the company is expecting positive feedback probably in the coming 30 Days. However, it is a four dimension Release, and by enabling the E2EE option, some of the other features of Zoom will not work at that time, the live transcription will stop working.

The tech tycoon forced to be work on this feature after a high wave in routine among the pandemic. In the initial stage, the option will restrict for paid users but, the company finalizes to make it available for everyone regarding the following feedback.

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